A day at Nandi hills.

It was the Sunday 18th January 2015, that I wanted to spend on Nandi hills, near Bangalore. I started with my family in my car and reached the place at 1 PM. It was relatively cool but was a bright Sunny day.

We were greeted by our ancestors (monkeys). 

We parked the vehicle and went round.

Nehru Nilaya was our first place of visit. It was a good, calm place situated in the middle of  the park .

Then we went to Yoga Nandeeshwara temple, by taking permission from the gate keeper sitting on the top of the gate!

 It was a very old temple and we were impressed.

 Then we went to ‘the view point’ near the temple and took several photos from that place.

We sat at the park nearby and had our lunch.

 Then we again met our ancestors and offered curd rice. Please see the video link.